LENDEXE - The Lending DeFi Protocol

LendeXe is the first decentralised liquidity algorithmic solution based on the IOTA Smart Contract Protocol. We provide a smart contract lending platform that allows anyone with IOTA and Assembly tokens to deploy them at zero cost and earn hassle free interest. More details on how this will work will be published in our Whitepaper. With the advent of being able to “program” money on the IOTA Tangle Network via the release of smart contract functionality, it became possible to develop a completely decentralised autonomous lending solution free of any manual overhead and 3rd party administration. This brought on the opportunity for LendeXe to build a lending solution for holders of the IOTA and Assembly tokens (1st release) and this is what we have built.

Features - Why LendeXe?

Our guiding principles are very clear to us and this we share with anyone who is potentially interested in the investment opportunities ahead:


We make our intentions completely visible open and transparent. All our earnings are distributed and made public at all times.


Incredibly fast transactions thanks to the combination of IOTA's rapid network infrastructure with our fully optimized system.


Not only is the code open-source and visible to view, but also every transaction, interest rate and calculation is completely in the public domain to look at and study.


We earn our clients and investors trust by providing open-source code that is fully and regularly audited by independent and respected auditors. Our management team are respected in the industry and have a history of working with integrity and a high standard of conduct. This is perpetuated as a fundamental building block within our organisation.


This is another very key principle that governs LendeXe. Our organisation is governed by the principles of a DAO: everyone is equal, our investors and our clients all form part of the decision-making process that determines how the underlying platform will best serve its clients. This governance is completely transparent to everyone who decides to participate in the platform, more details will be published in the Whitepaper.


Our foundation infrastructure is built on the IOTA platform not only because of its feeless protocol but more importantly its extremely low power consumption and resulting low environmental impact. This conscious low carbon emission footprint ethos is shared by LendeXe and formed part of why we chose to partner with IOTA.

Building on IOTA

We chose to use IOTA as our foundation infrastructure for many reasons, but here are the key areas that drove this decision:

Low carbon footprint
Zero-Fee Transactions
Layer of Trust
IOTA Foundation
Fast Transactions

IOTA has one of the lowest power consumptions per transaction out of all the DLT networks in the world today, rumoured and unconfirmed to be around 0.0000016kWh. As a comparison Bitcoin we believe but not confirmed comes in at around 980kWh and Ethereum somewhere in the order of 77kWh (**).

IOTA was designed from the ground up to address the high frequency and high volume of transactions required for the Internet of Things (IOT) to function. For small devices to be able to transact, the protocol on which they are built cannot be energy intensive and expensive to run. By IOTA solving this base level requirement they have created an extremely energy efficient protocol with one of the smallest energy footprints possible.

Details Bitcoin Ethereum IOTA
kWh per transaction 980 77 0.0000016
Electricitiy cost per transaction $147 $11.55 $0.000000002
Kg CO² emitted per transaction 44.1 3.5 0.000007
How long it would power a house (kWh per year) 22.4 days 42.3 hours 3.2 milliseconds

** none of these figures are verified or can be construed as fact.

Milestones - Our Way


Q3-Q4 2021

  • Team hiring
  • Incorporation company structure
  • Team setup
  • MVP Build
  • Build landing page
  • Partnerships
  • Seed Sale
  • Brand/Storytelling

Q1 2022

  • Optimise UI/UX
  • Create & Deliver Incentives
  • NFT-Sale
  • Release Landing Page
  • Establish Social Media channels
  • Deliver Content through Medium
  • Publish Litepaper

Q2-Q3 2022

  • Private Sale
  • Audits
  • Publish Team
  • Releasing LendeXe on Shimmer
  • Bug Bounties
  • Build Stablecoin
  • Listing on Exchanges
  • Release Partners
  • Revealing Investment Details
  • Public Sale

Q3-Q4 2022 ff

  • DAO
  • Release LendeXe on Assembly
  • Implement Reward optimiser
  • Collateral Free Loans
  • Expand Further Assets on LendeXe
  • IOTA Payment Gateway

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions